Solving the Top Corners

       This is the final stage, and was the most difficult stage for me. It took me a few tries to get this stage right, but I eventually did it, so if you fail, don't give up right away. For this stage no optional algorithms are present and everything must be done very precisely as there is little to no room for mistakes. Good luck on this final stretch.

Your Goal

       This is the final stage, so you want your cube to be solved. I'll include a picture of a solved cube just to motivate you too.

       Solved Cube

Permuting the Corners

       The first thing you want to do is find a correct corner (doesn't have to be oriented correctly) and make sure it is in the position it is in below. Once it is in that position you will need to preform the algorithm U R U' L' U R' U' L until all the corners are correct. (If none of the corners are correct, just do the algorithm once and 1 of them will become correct)

       Corner in the Correct Spot       Arrow       Permuted Corners

Orienting the Corners

       Congrats, you made it to the final stage, but this stage is what trips a lot of people up. You will need to orient the corners, so rotate your cube and find a corner that is not oriented correctly, and make sure it is like the picture below. Now do the algorithm R' D R D' (I told you you would need it later) until that corner is correct. Now do not rotate your cube, instead rotate the U face with either a U or a U' turn so that another corner is in the same position (I will include another picture below to show you how you're supposed to do this) and do the same thing again. If you have done this correctly the cube should now be solved.

       Non-oriented Corners       Do Not Turn Cube

       Congrats, if you have done everything correctly, you're cube should now be in the solved state. If you wish to get into speedcubing I will eventually update this guide to start you into the world of speedcubing.

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