Solving the Top Cross

       Similar to the bottom layer you are going to solve the cross again, but this time you will use algorithms to do so since you don't want to mess up the bottom layer. Luckily the algorithms for this stage aren't as complex as some of the optional ones from the last stage.

Your Goal

       Your goal is the picture below (as usual), and this is done in 2 fairly easy and straight forward sub-steps.

       Your Goal

Orienting the Cross

       This step is rather easy, all it requires is 1 algorithm (and another optional one that is almost exactly the same), but you need to know the position to use it in. Below will be a few images of where you are supposed to perform the algorithm F (R U R' U') F'.

       Dot on U       L Shape on U       Line on U       Arrow       Cross on U

Optional Oreintation Algorithm

       This algorithm is rather simple, it is done for only the situation below though. The algorithm is f (R U R' U') f'. (f is the combination of an F and S move)

       L Shape on U       Arrow       Cross on U

Permuting the Cross

       This stage is rather simple, make it so one of the edges matchs with one of the side faces (it can only be 1) and make sure that edge is then on the front face. (Like the picture below) Once you have it in that position preform the algorithm R U R' U R U2 R'.

       Matching Edge       Arrow       Matching Cross

Optional Algorithm

       You may have noticed that the previous algorithm permutes those edges anti-clockwise. If you want to speed up the process and have a situation where they are needed to be permuted clockwise, perform the algorithm L' U' L U' L' U2 L.

       Matching Edge       Arrow       Matching Cross

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