Solving the Middle Edges

       This stage can be relatively simple. It requires only 2 algorithms (although there are 3 optional ones that can cut down on annoyance and time) and is fairly easy to figure out when to use either algorithm. The biggest thing to keep in mind for this stage is that you rotate your cube so that the green side is now facing down. (It will also be facing down for the rest of the solving process)

Your Goal

       Your goal is for your cube to look like the picture below (remember the green side is facing down), and to do so you will only need 2 algorithms.

       Your Goal

The Algorithms

       The first algorithm is when the edge colour that is not facing up matches with the colour of the front face. (As pictured below) The algorithm for this is (U R U' R') (U' F' U F).

       Edge on F       Arrow       Edge Inserted

       The second algorithm is the opposite, when the edge colour not facing up matches the right side you use (U' F' U F) (U R U' R') instead.

       Edge on R       Arrow       Edge Inserted

Optional Algorithms

       The first optional algorithm is when the 2 colours on the right face are switched (or just one of them) (as pictured below), this algorithm is relatively simple and easy to memorize. It is (R2 U2) (R2 U2) R2.

       Edge Flipped on F       Edge Flipped on R       Arrow       Edges Corrected

       The second optional algorithm is when 2 edges that are next to eachother (like the previous algorithm) are flipped like in the picture below. The algorithm for it is (E R E R E R2) (E' R E' R E' R2).

       Edges Reversed       Arrow       Edges Corrected

       The final algorithm is for when only a single edge is flipped as the picture below shows. To do this preform the rather long algorithm R U (M U M U M U2) (M' U M' U M' U2) U' R'.

       Edge Flipped       Arrow       Edge Corrected

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