Solving the Corners

       Solving the corners can be a bit more tricky, especially if you are planning to use the optional algorithms. Other than that it is relatively simple again, you want to solve the green side completely with the corners facing the correct way and in the right place. If you were able to get the edges easily, you should have no problem getting the corners.

Your Goal

       Your goal (as pictured below) is what was previously stated, get the corners into the correct spot. It is possible to do so without an algorithm if you are smart enough; however it took me some time to figure that out myself. (If you wish to do this without an algorithm eventually I'd suggest working on solving a 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube) If you can then pat yourself on the back, if not, then just use the algorithm I'll give you to solve it. (This algorithm is useful later so I'd suggest learning it anyways)

       Your Goal

The Corner Algorithm

       This algorithm takes the corner in the bottom left position of the front face and puts it into the top right position on the front face. The algorithm to do this is R' D R D'. This algorithm will have the edge correctly oriented if the green side of the corner is facing to the left. If it isn't you can just repeat this algorithm until it is facing the correct direction. If you don't wish to repeat it there are 2 optional algorithms that I came up with that will let you do all 3 possibilites.

       Corner on F       Corner on R       Arrow       Corner Inserted

Optional Algorithms

       These 2 algorithms are for the 2 other possible corner situations that you can have, the first of which is the green side of the corner facing to the front. (As pictured below) The algorithm to do this is D2 F D' F'.

       Corner on F       Corner on R       Arrow       Corner Inserted

       The second of the 2 algorithms is for when the green side of corner is facing down. (As pictured below) The algorithm to do this one is (D F D' F') (D R' D R).

       Corner on F       Corner on B       Arrow       Corner Inserted

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