Solving the Cross

       Solving the cross is the first step in solving the Rubik's Cube, and thankfully it is relatively easy, and will take 1 algorithm at most. (Meaning you can do this without a single algorithm) This stage is pretty self explainatory, you make a cross on 1 side with a single colour, which is basically solving the side without solving the corners. The tricky part about this stage is remembering how the colours work though, so remember to keep that in mind.

Your Goal

       Your goal is pretty simple, it's to make a cross shape like pictured below.

       Your Goal

       To do this we are gonna start you on the green side of your cube, as always solving with the same colour is an easy way to get people going. If you look at the picture though, you may notice that all the green edges are pictured, and that red and white centers are pictured. That is because we want both of the colours for each edge to match up with their corresponding center. If they do not match up like the picture below, then you will be unable to solve the cube.

       What Not To Do

Flipped Edges

       You may encounter a situation that you can't quite figure out yet, it is when you have put all the pieces into place, but at least 1 edge may be flipped like what is pictured below. If so just do the algorithm F R' D' R F2. (You may want to keep the page with the move notation open for this guide, as it may take some time to learn the turns) Doing this will flip the edge in front of you, but not disrupt any of the other edges.

       Flipped Edge     Arrow     Corrected Edge

       Now that you have completed the cross you can proceed to the next step by clicking here.

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